Ibrahim Hassan Hamad

Mashreq University

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Ibrahim Hassan Hamad

Ibrahim Hassan Hamad




Sudan University of Science and Technology


Jezira University


Terinto University

Career Summary

Ibrahim Hassan Hamad studied at Sudan University of Science and Technology , Faculty of Technology and Community Development. Ibrahim Hassan Hamad currently works as Lecturer at Mashreq University. As Teachers are part of the educational organization their role is to guide, assist, and enablers of student potential. Students must know that we are there for support and guidance. The responsibility of learning and succeeding, however, is still theirs. There is nothing they can not do if they really want to. Therefore, there is peer support of every kind in the university environment. We wish to create good environment and something to look forward to in our students academic life.

Published work and Training

  • International Computer Drivers License
  • Interested at all subjects and researches that have relation with Faculty of Technology and Community Development
  • Training of Trainers Course


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